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Indonesia has a population of 280 million people, and 139 million people in Indonesia watch YouTube

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Although YouTube Ads cost varies depending on frequency, length and complexity, running ads in Indonesia is super reasonable!

English to Indonesian YouTube Translation

We help you to attract more audiences in Indonesia by translating your YouTube videos into Indonesian. Our team is based in Indonesia, providing our services to clients anywhere in the world. 

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$160/per video (Up to 10 minutes per video)



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Regular price $160/per video → Promotional price : $80/per video (10 min)

We do provide discounts on batch orders and a monthly unlimited subscription plan as well. Feel free to contact us for further information for our English to Indonesian YouTube translation service!

Our sales representative will do a quick review of your video and send you a quotation within 24 hours.

Our commitment


Our team is based in Indonesia, and we are confident with the reasonable prices compared to other existing services.

Quality control by our internal team

Native Indonesian speakers who are fluent in English translates your videos. Also, we check the quality over and over again before delivering the final product.


We add a watermark to the video we received from our clients, and consistently review our workflow. We pay even more close attention when it comes to treating the original videos and content from our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to the agreed completion deadline when we confirm the task with you. Depending on the complexity of the task, we may need 24-48 hours to complete a translation.

We will inform you 8 hours in advance if we need more time to complete the task. You will not be charged any additional fee.

Once we receive your confirmation, we will generate a srt or sbv file that will be sent to you via email, and you can upload the subtitle file to your video. We can help troubleshoot any difficulties you may face when uploading the file.

We can communicate with you via email, Google meet, WhatsApp, Line or Slack.

Yes, we will ask you to sign an agreement before providing our service.

Remote assistants help you to flexibly expand and shrink your team in response to your business dynamics. You no longer have to over-staff your businesses to avoid falling behind deadlines. In addition, you save on overhead costs such as insurance fees, vacation benefits, bonuses and other employee expenses. 

Purchase process

Step 1

Chat with our sales representative and share the link to your YouTube video.

Step 2

Receive a follow-up email from our sales specialist and get a quotation and service agreement from us within 24 hours.

Step 3

Sign our service agreement.

Step 4

Share your YouTube video link or video file with watermark We can add a watermark for you if you do not mind sharing your original video file. We will not share the original video with translators and will immediately delete the original file once we have watermarked the video.

Step 5

Add your new Indonesian subtitle to your YouTube video!

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